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Your brand is a valuable asset.
Protect it.

Who We Are

Mortimer Legal, PLLC is an intellectual property law firm that advocates for protecting the most valuable asset of entrepreneurs, business owners, authors, illustrators, and other creatives, nationwide... their BRAND.

With flat fee pricing and an honest, upfront approach, we won't only protect what's yours through trademark registration, enforcement and maintenance, we'll create a strategy to distinguish your brand in your market.



Trademark Search & Registration

Trademark search and clearance, application preparation and filing services are available at various package rates depending upon your particular needs. A complete nationwide, state and common law search (including web and social media) will be conducted to determine the likelihood that an application for your mark will succeed and proceed to registration.  Any problematic marks will be identified, and a recommended filing strategy will be developed in order to prepare a trademark application with the greatest likelihood of proceeding to registration. 


We prepare and file U.S. trademark applications with the United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) for applicants located across the United States and foreign applicants seeking U.S. registration of their mark. 

Trademark Monitoring, Enforcement and Maintenance

You've successfully registered your trademark, now what? We can provide yearly monitoring of your mark that covers the  USPTO, state and other common law databases. Our mission is to continuously search and identify applications, uses or confusingly similar brands that infringe or pose a risk of infringement of your registered mark.  Any conflict will be handled appropriately by either opposing an application or sending a cease and desist letter. 


Keeping track of trademark renewal deadlines can be cumbersome. Let us handle all your maintenance filings, so that you can feel confident that your trademark is continuously protected. 

Brand Consultation

Just starting out? Have an idea for a brand name or logo, but you're not sure if it's the best image for your business or if it's possibly infringing on an already existing brand? Let's discuss your image, brand strategy and intended use. Before you register your business name, purchase that domain or preserve that social media handle, let us do a comprehensive search of the brand to make sure it's free and clear for use in the marketplace. Taking this first step, could save you time, money and the headache of rebranding your business if your business name or logo infringes on another's rights. 

Copyright Registration and Enforcement

While a copyright is created as soon as the creator has fixed the work in a tangible form of expression, it is a myth that this is all that is necessary to enforce this right. A copyright is only enforceable if it is registered with the United States Copyright Office. Let us prepare and file your application for copyright registration of your literary work, sound recording, script, artwork, illustrations, apparel design, video, or photo. We can address infringements of your rights and draft a cease and desist letter or a licensing agreement where necessary.

This is a general list of services, Schedule FREE Discovery Call to learn more about our services or Book a Legal Consultation to discuss whether we can help you with your particular intellectual property needs.


New York Law School
Hunter College of CUNY
Spelman College

Bar Admissions

New York & New Jersey



New York Law School
Hunter College of CUNY
Spelman College

Bar Admissions

New York & New Jersey


Attorney, Deborah C. Mortimer

As the Principal Attorney at Mortimer Legal, PLLC, Deborah C. Mortimer is a legal expert in intellectual property law, blending an eclectic background of legal expertise in trademark and copyright services with a background in writing and publishing. She’s been there before from both sides of the fence—and she knows what her clients need.


For Deborah, it all starts with a simple concept: integrity. Clients experience her strong work ethic in every aspect of the attorney-client relationship: detailed, transparent communication and direct, honest management of expectations. Her keen, creative, and persuasive legal writing skills pair well with her concept of working with clients as a team. On this team, consider her your most persistent advocate, and chief negotiator.


Now, Deborah brings her background as a litigator and legal writer/editor to the world of intellectual property. Mostly dealing with trademark and copyright registration, enforcement, and maintenance, Deborah brings the same habits that brought her clients success: organization, due diligence, and a tough-minded approach to offering the best possible representation.


Deborah is also an author and owner of a publishing imprint that develops and promotes books with a focus on diversity, inclusion, and representation. Additionally, she coaches aspiring authors looking to publish books under their own imprint. This combination of legal and boots-on-the-ground experience makes her the ideal teammate for anyone who wants to protect their brand and ideas with nationwide trademark and copyright registration along with well-written agreements. She’s built brands herself, and she knows what it takes to protect those brands over the long haul.




Thank you for walking me through this process each step of the way. I felt safe leaning on your expertise in this field. You are professional, knowledgeable, and a pleasure to work with. Your dedication to your line of work shows by the way you handled my trademark process with such great care. I am forever grateful. "



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