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Not Using Your Brand Yet?  No Problem!

You have a great idea, maybe even a solid business plan, but you just haven't started using your brand or selling your products or services. That's okay! You can still begin the process NOW to protect that great brand AND have time to develop it and your business. By filing your trademark application NOW, you put yourself ahead of your would be competitors. You MUST have a bonafide intention to use the mark in commerce and show proof before registration.

Let's Get Started


  • Comprehensive Search w/ Report

  • Legal Opinion Letter with Suggested Classes

  • Drafting  of Trademark Application

  • Trademark Application Filing

  • One 15 Minute Pre-Filing Phone Call

  • Filing Fees for 1 Class (up to $350)

  • Application Monitoring and Email Updates

  • Procedural Office Action Support 

  • Phone calls with USPTO Examiner 

  • Two 15 Minute Post-Filing Phone Calls

  • Statement of Use Filing Fees w/ Specimen Review

Not Included

  • Filing fees for additional Classes

  • Substantive Office Action Support

  • Extension Filing Fees

  • Trademark Watch for Infringement

Note: Our representation does not begin and there is no Attorney-Client relationship until both the Engagement Letter is signed and payment is received.

Optional Add on Services:

Each Additional Class- $975  (includes, application and Statement of Use Filing Fees as well as specimen review)

Expedited Service- $200 (search completed within 48 hours)

Other Trademark Packages

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